Monday, July 19, 2010

5 Jump Higher Workouts

If you want to learn to jump higher, there are a few different things you can do. Below, we’ll go over a 5 quick jump higher workouts that will increase your jumping ability.

Find a large space where you can move around freely. Stand on your tip-toes and jog slowly, lifting your legs as high as you can while you run. This will increase your calf muscles and stabilize the ankles.
Standing on one foot, on tip-toes, hop forward and then back as far as you can. Repeat this ten times on each foot.

Kneeling on tip-toes, attempt to stand to a full position without using the heels of your feet. Repeat this several times, even if you’re unable to stand fully. It will increase your muscle strength.
Walk for periods of five minutes on your tip-toes, feeling the muscles in your calves and thighs working. 

Repeat this on a daily basis to increase the strength of those muscles.

Stretch your leg muscles regularly. Sit down with your legs spread as far apart as possible, and your hands together. Reach forward and hold for ten seconds. Another method is to stand with your feet flat on the ground and reach down to touch your toes, holding the position for ten seconds.

By utilizing these jump higher workouts, you can increase your ability to jump higher and improve your vertical leaping numbers. These workouts should be paced to avoid straining your muscles and injuring yourself.

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