Monday, July 19, 2010

Jump Higher Tips

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an aspiring athlete, there is no doubt that you can benefit from being able to jump higher. Basketball players will be better able to dunk, while football players can jump better into the end zone to make a touchdown. Below, you’ll get 5 jump higher tips that will improve your vertical leap scores.

Jump Higher Shoes – these shoes work because they’re designed to minimize heel use, helping to efficiently strengthen the muscles in your calves and stabilize your ankles. There are numerous brands, so take the time to research before buying.

Exercise – the jump higher shoes are also used in combination with exercises that strengthen those muscles. For instance, hopping on tip-toes forward and backward is just one type of exercise that will help you jump higher. They can be done without the use of the shoes, but there is more of a chance of injury.

Adequate Weight – maintain a proper weight for your height and age. Even a few pounds extra can impede your jumping ability.

Stretching – By stretching regularly and ensuring that your muscles are loose and limber, you will have more range and more ability to jump higher. Stretch before any exercise, and before any vertical leaping score test. This will enhance your ability to jump higher.

Maintain a Good Diet – While many people wouldn’t assume that diet plays a huge part in jumping, the vitamins and nutrients you take in will affect your performance. Protein, carbs, and plenty of fruits and vegetables are necessary for good muscle growth and health.

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